May ask people to support Brexitdeal

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LONDON – To provide sufficient support for the Brexitdeal the British prime minister Theresa May called on the citizens. In a letter to the British population, she wrote that supporters and opponents of the brexit their struggle should cease and the time of departure from the EU should use it as a time for “renewal and reconciliation.”

Theresa May.

According to May is the Brexit now be continued, so that ministers can focus on what really matters for citizens. May, who according to The Guardian via the letter tries critical politicians under pressure to convert, says the deal with the EU is negotiated with “heart and soul” to defend.

The prime minister is of the opinion that the 29th of march, as the British final is no longer a part of the EU, “the point is to highlight when we use the labels ‘leave’ and ‘remain’ for always next to us and we are again as one people to meet.”

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