Ireland comes with the KNVB-construction

ce107950f8faa8af58f0b28da6d3cd22 - Ireland comes with the KNVB-construction

Mick McCarthy (left) is the successor to Martin O’neill.

The KNVB came into 2014 with a vergelijbkare construction on the gpu. Guus Hiddink was appointed as head coach and assistant would then, after some years, the baton over. As is well known, was not a success. Orange missed the european CHAMPIONSHIP of 2016 and world cup 2018.

“It would be fantastic if we at the european CHAMPIONSHIP for our own fans in Dublin can play,” said McCarthy, Martin O’neill followed. O’neill got together with his assistant Roy Keane after Ireland was downgraded from the B-division of the Nations League.

The 59-year-old McCarthy was, between 1996 and 2002 national coach of the Irish. He led his country at the world cup 2002 to the eighth-finals, in which Ireland via penalty shoot-out, had to bow to Spain. McCarthy had then Sunderland, Wolverhampton Wanderers and Ipswich Town under his wing. He is now returning as head coach, with Robbie Keane as an assistant. Keane is record international and top scorer of all time in Ireland.

After the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020 makes McCarthy place again for Stephen Kenny. The 47-year-old Irishman may the coming years is already heating up with Young Ireland.

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