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GSE receives license for Blockchain stock exchange in Gibraltar – Coin Hero

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GSE receives license for Blockchain stock exchange in Gibraltar

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Matthias Nemack –

The Gibraltar Stock Exchange is now achieved something that was hitherto only been possible in Japan. The stock market received by the competent financial Supervisory approval for the opening of a Blockchain wallet.

First Blockchain-trading license is an important Signal for other operators

The message deserves therefore attention, because it is a new company Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) of the company and the first in the marketplace with the official government regulation for the crypto-trade-exchange type. That it is precisely this location outside of Asia is, in a certain way. Because Gibraltar is already since years, for other sectors of the financial world, as well as the gaming market to a important Playground. That it took until this year, until finally, regulations and licensing for the trading Assets, where sales and transactions via the Blockchain to be handled, for a reason. Only since the beginning of 2018, the required regulatory provisions of the state apply. The Gibraltar Block Exchange (GSE) announced that finally the license for the stock exchange is operating by the competent financial supervision.

The new platform is designed to appeal to institutional investors who often have great value to a clear framework for the prudential supervision of the business models and platforms.

ICOs are only the first step for new transaction models

The goal of the new exchange, which could also pave Block-based currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, is a transparent trading with clearly defined risk. Thanks to the previous legal deadline for the first licensing of the GBX handled since the spring of 2018 ICOs. The respective Issuer of the Token can collect on the platform of capital without a stock or a bond (often under considerably more stringent conditions) to spend. Since the summer the stock market is also in the area of the secondary market. In the future, especially securities, is to expand the Portfolio of the stock exchange, the “tokenized”, as it is said in the opinion of the exchange, to successful regulation. Important development not only for the stock market.

The licensing by the GFSC – Gibraltar Financial Services Commission – the Blockchain finally, a greater recognition as a technology for payment processing. Because Gibraltar is generally considered to be very well-regulated financial centre.

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