Feyenoord at rest on narrow lead against Groningen

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Feyenoord at rest on narrow lead against Groningen

November 25, 2018 12:00
25-11-18 12:00
Last update: 18 minutes ago
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In the thirteenth round of the Premier league are Sunday’s four matches on the programme: Feyenoord-FC Groningen, FC Utrecht-De Graafschap, Willem II-Vitesse (all at 14.30 hours started) and VVV-Venlo-AZ (16.45 hours). Follow all matches in our liveblog.


  • Utrecht-Graafschap (3-0)
  • Feyenoord-Groningen (1-0)
  • Willem II-Vitesse (0-3)

16.45 pm:

  • VVV-AZ

Emmen-Excelsior 1-2Eredivisie · 6 minutes geleden46′ The ball rolls again in the duels, from 14.30 in the Premier league. Another 45 minutes on the clock!Willem II-Vitesse · 14 minutes ago

3 – Only 3 players have scored more Premier league headed goals in 2018 than Bryan Linssen (3). Tall.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen15:24 – 25 november 2018Eredivisie · 21 minutes agoIt is rest! We go to the tea at the duels, from 14.30 in the Premier league. These are the intermediate positions:

  • FC Utrecht-De Graafschap 3-0
  • Feyenoord-FC Groningen 1-0
  • Willem II-Vitesse 0-3

Feyenoord-FC Groningen · 23 minutes geleden45′ Sergio Padt rescues handsome on a poeier of Steven Berghuis. It is started from rest, what is more vivid in Rotterdam.Willem II-Vitesse · 24 minutes ago44′ GOAL Vitesse! 0-3

Also this game seems to be for rest already decided. Bryan Linssen, not the biggest on the field, blasts touch off a free-kick.Feyenoord-FC Groningen · 25 minutes geleden43′ FC Goningen will get a good chance on the 1-1. After a long chase and run is Samir Memisević eventually to a swipe. Justin Bijlow the bet of times.Feyenoord-FC Groningen · 27 minutes geleden42′ There is a chance for Feyenoord. Tonny Vilhena can right-tricks from the penalty spot, but his effort is blocked.Feyenoord-FC Groningen · 28 minutes geleden41′ manage Feyenoord not to push through in your own home. The Locals are with 1-0 against FC Groningen, but real opportunities in the 2-0 have not been there.Willem II-Vitesse · 33 minutes ago35′ GOAL Vitesse! 0-2

Striker Darfalou tap of close to the second goal Vitesse. The team from Arnhem sits on the roses in Tilburg.Feyenoord-FC Groningen · 40 minutes geledenOndertussen has Ritsu Doan the pole hit on behalf of FC Groningen. Feyenoord leads with 1-0 in your own home.FC Utrecht-De Graafschap · 43 minutes ago24′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 3-0

The duel appears to be already played. With a beautiful step-draw Gyrano Church for the third hit of the home team.FC Utrecht-De Graafschap · one hour ago,17′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 2-0

The team of Dick Advocaat is doing fast business and doubled the margin just after the opening goal. Willem Janssen is the headline in close touch after a free-kick from Oussama Tannane.FC Utrecht-De Graafschap · one hour ago15′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 1-0

The team opens after a quarter of an hour the score. Sander of the Region volleert the ball in the far corner and put FC Utrecht 1-0.Willem II-Vitesse · one hour ago13′ GOAL Vitesse! 0-1

To matúš Bero shoots after a small fifteen minutes touch after a clever heel of striker Oussama Darfalou.Feyenoord-FC Groningen · one hour geleden10′ The advantage for Feyenoord is earned. The home team is the parent party in the early stages against FC Groningen.Feyenoord-FC Groningen · one hour ago7′ GOAL Feyenoord! 1-0

Feyenoord an early lead against FC Groningen. Jens Toornstra escaped the offside trap and shoot then nice touch.Premier league · one hour geleden1′ The ball rolls at the three Premier-league-duels of 14.30 hours.Premier league · one hour geledenWe about ten minutes, with three duels in the Premier league:

  • FC Utrecht-De Graafschap
  • Feyenoord-FC Groningen
  • Willem II-Vitesse

FC Emmen-Excelsior · 2 hours agoRecent! Excelsior runs a deficit and wins at FC Emmen 1-2! Ryan Koolwijk makes the winning goal in the 89th minute.Willem II-Vitesse · 2 hours ago

Up! Also the setups in Tilburg are known! We’ll kick at 14.30:

Willem II: Wellenreuther; Lewis, Meissner, Heerkens, Palacios; Llonch, Crowley, Anita; Dankerlui, Sol, Avdijaj.

Vitesse: Eduardo; Karavaev, Gave Doekhi Some Firm Kicks, Thelander, Büttner; Bero, Serero, Foor; Ödegaard, Darfalou, Linssen.FC Utrecht-De Graafschap · 2 hours ago

Up! These 22 names appear at the kick-off in Utrecht at 14.30:

FC Utrecht: Jensen; Klaiber, Letschert, Janssen, Van der Maarel; Of Overeem, Gustafson, Emanuelson; Church, Tannane.

The County: Jurjus; Owusu, Nieuwpoort, Van de Pavert, Newport, Tutuarima; Baker, El Jebli, Klaasen; Narsingh, Serrarens.FC Emmen-Excelsior · 2 hours ago89′ GOAL Excelsior! 1-2

Excelsior seems to be the points to address! Ryan Koolwijk slide a rebound governed in the corner and put the visitors ahead.FC Emmen-Excelsior · 2 hours geledenNog than ten minutes on the clock, in the province of Drenthe. Will there be a winner? FC Emmen has the best features, but Excelsior is dangerous in the switchover.FC Emmen-Excelsior · 2 hours geleden68′ There is almost 2-1 for FC Emmen, but the last pass of Bannink is not good so the visitors can uitverdedigen.Feyenoord-FC Groningen · 2 hours ago

Up! These are the eleven names of FC Groningen for the duel in The Cockpit:

FC Groningen: Padt; Zeefuik; Chabot, Wierik, Craftsman; Memisevic, Travel, Warmerdam, Doan; Cassierra, Mahi.FC Emmen-Excelsior · 2 hours ago60′ GOAL Excelsior! 1-1

Ali Messaoud draw for the equalizer. The midfielder blasts it touch after a cross from Jurgen Mattheij.Feyenoord-FC Groningen · 2 hours agoUp! With these eleven names begins Feyenoord to a duel with FC Groningen in-house:

Feyenoord: Bijlow; Nieuwkoop, Botteghin, Van der Heijden, Malacia; van la parra, Toornstra, Vilhena; Berghuis, Jörgensen, Larsson.

📋 | Setup Feyenoord:


AuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen13:21 – 25 november 2018FC Emmen-Excelsior · 2 hours ago47′ GOAL FC Emmen! 1-0

Right after rest, it is then immediately touch! Anco Jansen gets the ball perfectly on the head after a good cross from the right and put FC Emmen on lead.FC Emmen-Excelsior · 2 hours geleden46′ The ball is rolling for the second company in Emmen!FC Emmen-Excelsior · 3 hours agoRest. FC Emmen and Excelsior baking little: 0-0.FC Emmen-Excelsior · 3 hours geleden40 ” Now is Jansen is closer to a goal. The striker rushes from the left of the penalty kick, and shoot flies.FC Emmen-Excelsior · 3 hours ago

In the last ten Eredivisie matches made Emmen grand total of one goal for peace, and that was an own goal from Fortuna Sittards Wessel Dammers in the 3-3-draw in Emmen.FC Emmen-Excelsior · 3 hours geleden37′ Small possibility for Anco Jansen. The attacker of FC Emmen shoot from an awkward angle.FC Emmen-Excelsior · 3 hours geleden32′ If you have the first half hour of FC Emmen-Excelsior have not seen it, then you missed nothing. Both the home and away team has no way created.FC Emmen-Excelsior · 3 hours geleden15′ After a quarter of an hour to play, it is still waiting for the first chance in The Old Meerdijk. The competition is not yet separated.FC Emmen-Excelsior · 3 hours ago

On 30 August 2013 got FC Emmen for the last Excelsior a visit. In the First Division won the team from Drenthe at the time, at home with 1-0 of the Rotterdam thanks to a goal from Roland Bergkamp.FC Emmen-Excelsior · 3 hours geleden1′ Emmen and Excelsior stairs this Eredivisie-Sunday. The duel is on the way.FC Emmen-Excelsior · 3 hours ago

Up! The Eredivisie-Sunday starts in the province of Drenthe and these are the lineups for the duel of 12.15 pm:

FC Emmen: Sharpen; Clock, Veendorp, Bakery, Siekman, Cavlan; Niemeijer, Axe, Chacón, Jansen; Arias.

Excelsior: Stevens; Fortes, Matthys, Mattheij, Burnet; Koolwijk, Bruins, Schouten; Anderson, Omarsson, Messaoud.Premier league · 4 hours geledenHet duel between FC Emmen and Excelsior is a match between the numbers thirteen and fourteen of the Eredivisie. Emmen has thirteen points, Excelsior twelve.Premier league · 6 hours ago

This is the program for today in the Premier league:

12.15 pm:
FC Emmen-Excelsior

Feyenoord-FC Groningen
FC Utrecht-De Graafschap
Willem II-Vitesse

16.45 pm:
VVV-Venlo-AZNAC Breda-Ajax · 6 hours ago

Labyad came halfway in the field for the injured himself Donny van de Beek, and seven minutes later, already responsible for the 2-0 with a fine volley. “He was sitting there comfortable in. It runs in this attempt all about timing. You should not be too hard to want to shoot, because he then goes on to tall about, or touch him, you are completely wrong. I hit him perfect.”NAC Breda-Ajax · 6 hours ago

Labyad looks goal against NAC as a reward for hard work
Zakaria Labyad see his goal yesterday in the away game of Ajax against NAC Breda (0-3 win) as a reward for the hard work in the past few months. The zomeraankoop can now little playing time count in Amsterdam. “Of course, is the situation in which I now sit occasionally frustrating. I am footballer so I want to play. But I am also proud to be a part of this team part. We have fantastic players and a fantastic coaching staff.”Back to top

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