Father of Matteo Simoni teaches his son a lesson

0191bcb8bf4f97ef31d91d53aa6e4fa2 - Father of Matteo Simoni teaches his son a lesson

Not only an Emmy Award reef How Shall I Say? within the past week, also 838.761 viewers, good for a market share of 32.8% (VVA 18-54; live +3). In the second episode on Monday november 26, take Matteo Simoni’s father Vittorio, his son to graze. “He is a treasure of a guest, you can not have a better son wish. He has but one flaw, and that is his MOBILE.” Matteo takes his phone is never on when his family calls. Time to the great resources in turn, because his parents could his voice no longer heard.

Eva wants her son Ilya used to go to bed, because he always has massive ramparts and hit the morning hard from his words because he is too tired. The culprit? Among other series where Ilya until the early hours watching it. So, for example, the zombie series The Walking Dead. But Ilya does not realize that he himself is well on the way to a zombie to mutate. The young dude thinks he should see a doctor at AZ Monica, that soon after his arrival, a cordon ends up.

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