EU leaders and Theresa May adopt Brexit-agreement good

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The British prime minister, Theresa May, and the 27 EU leaders have agreed on Sunday the two Brexit-signed agreements. Reports that European president Donald Tusk. May now comes the most difficult hurdle: its own parliament to convince.

The EU leaders, and Theresa May after a meeting of less than 38 minutes of their blessings given on the scheidingsakkoord and the princiepsakkoord about the future relationship between the European Union and Great Britain. “The Brexit-acceptance is a necessary step for trust to build between the EU and the UK after Brexit’, says chief negotiator Michel Barnier Sunday for the start of the extraordinary European summit. ‘It is time that everyone – everyone – takes its responsibility.’

Donald Tusk said on arrival that ” no one has reasons to be happy’ if the Brexit will be a fact. He quoted then known as Freddie Mercury, the deceased singer of the band Queen: “Friends will be friends right till the end (friends until the end friends). The French president Macron stressed that ” this is not a sad day, but no day to celebrate. ‘The British have opted to. It shows that the European Union needs to reform.’


The last hurdle for the European summit on the Brexit was only Saturday eliminated. Spain reached namely reached an agreement with the United Kingdom over the question of Gibraltar.

Spain demanded that the negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom about the future business relationship, does not apply to Gibraltar. Because the British crown colony so important for Spain, should Madrid bring to the table. London, agreed Saturday to after the Brexit with Spain to negotiate the British enclave. In that way, it must be ensured that each decision about the area in agreement with Spain is made.


The signing of the two agreements does not mean that there are no conflicts. That will soon be plenty of play as it is about the future relationship between the EU and the UK have to be negotiated.

Fishing rights, for example, have all the elements to grow into a splijtzwam between the UK and the EU. The EU-countries on the North sea, can now have unlimited fishing in British waters. That is going to change. On that point are even the Scots in opposition to the Europeans.

Agree with deal?

The blessing of the EU leaders probably have little impact on the growing likelihood that the British house of Commons agrees to the deal.

Theresa May is fully engaged to the British public opinion to convince that this is a deal the best possible for the UK. Friday if the listeners of Radio 5 ask her questions, Sunday, sent the premier an open letter to all the inhabitants. May hopes in this way also the members of parliament are under pressure to convert in order for the agreements to vote. Yet it seems they are still not a majority.

There is now already taken into account that the British prime minister the chords if necessary, a second time submitted to the parliament. Especially if they first vote narrowly rejected, a second vote was not excluded.

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