EU leaders agree to brexitakkoord

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Brussels – The 27 leaders of the EU countries have agreed to the terms and conditions which have been agreed with Great Britain about the brexit.

Chairman Donald Turk of the European Council in Brussels.

At a summit in Brussels they went to Sunday agreement with the hefty scheidingsverdrag and a political statement about the relationship after the British departure.

The scheidingsakte regulates, inter alia, the rights of citizens on both sides of the Channel and the time of the settlement. Of the British it is expected that they have a thick 40 billion euros to pay for their lidmaatschapsverplichtingen. The agreement also ensures that there is no hard boundary between Ireland and the Uk Northern Ireland.

The British leave the EU on 30 march. After that the negotiations about the future relationship begin. That must be when the both parties are located as closely as possible. But, for example, fishing rights should still be hard nuts to be cracked.

The agreement provides for a transitional period until 31 december 2020, which the EU-legislation remains in effect for the British and they also financially contribute. That transition can take up to two years to be extended.

The agreement must still be given the green light from the European and the British parliament.

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