Dutch war hero explains finally why he has a man killed

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War hero Marco Kroon writes in his book Kroongetuige about the killing of an Afghan. Filled with hatred, he wanted the man to kidnap and extradite to the court. It was not to be.

The story of the Dutch war hero Marco Kroon is that of a man who glued seems with the role of the dedicated soldier, but they do not know how after a terrible experience …

The story of the Dutch war hero Marco Kroon is that of a man who glued seems with the role of the dedicated soldier, but they do not know how after a horrific experience in Afghanistan. He wrote that story down in the quantity Kroongetuige. He tells the very emotional, but at the same time, he observes the collapse of the main character aloof as a witness.

The war hero Marco Crown, the highest military award was given, did raised some dust with a confession about his time in Afghanistan. He had, in 2007, killed a man, but this had never been reported to the mission in danger. What exactly had happened, continued to be fodder for speculation. Now tell Crown what according to him happened in a chilling report that as a justification seems to be intended.

Crown was in Kabul at a checkpoint held by Afghan militia, because he without knowing it in a stolen car drove. He was taken for questioning, severely abused and raped by a group of men, to give him vrijlieten. Much later slew Crown the leader, a man with a sort of leech to his ear’.

In the report lack exact information about times, names and locations, because as a secret operational information to be considered. The preface reports continue to be rather ambiguous: “The events and dialogues in this book are based on facts, but described from memories, feelings and interpretations.’ Especially that last word raises questions for the meaning of the events.

The book gives no definitive in two issues which are rather central. Namely, how could the Crown during the mission many hours go unnoticed disappear from view? And under what circumstances killed Crown the man?

Krone says that it is not uncommon was for a while not to have contact with the base. “But that happens to be honest, quite often the last time. Indeed, by all credible circumstances that is now more the rule than the exception.’ If Crown later reports no range to have had, says several: “This should not often occur, men.’ That is all.

At the kill of the ‘man with the leather jacket’ makes Crown a lot more words to dirt. Detecting and shadows of the man is the leitmotif in the second half of the book. Full of hate wants to Crown the man to kidnap and extradite to the court. But if the man him at a checkpoint, sees, grabs his gun, and shoot Crown him dead. Krone describes the killing as a kind of daze, without a lot of details.

A lot of training, but they brought him nothing at

The lack of exactness is compensated by a wealth of detail. So see the Crown a white, plastic bag on the ground next to the bully, that he had just shot. And in the space where the Crown is raped, sees he previously ’empty bottles and cans, pieces of paper, tissue paper, pieces of rope, broken tie-wraps, leaves, piles spat out kauwsel.’

These details give the book the character of a film, and that reinforced again the impression of the Crown as the man-in-a-role. He presents himself not only as the man-of-action, but also as the grandson of a Brit in the Netherlands liberated, and as the successor of war hero Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema, whom a quote is included.

But then breaks the role and is the ‘witness’ Crown, who finds out that he during the rape has nothing to do with the training: ‘Controlled release, conduct after capture… Theoretical words and names.’ And that is so honest to say that the soldier Crown later nothing has been reported, because he is so ashamed for what happened to him. Shame for his own powerlessness, expressed in the vexing question: ‘Why do I do nothing?’ Because he couldn’t do anything, except afterwards silly jokes and hear.

The jokes of his comrades often about anal rape and testify to the macho Crown suddenly much more difficult to tolerate. That culture fits in with the sentences of the Crown, which he himself describes as ‘sometimes flat, hard and raw’. Crown’d dozens of times with the word ‘bastard’ (opperklootzak, alfaklootzak, ASSHOLES).

In this muscular language, it cools down Crown his rage at the men who have him humiliated. His book ‘Kroongetuige’ reads this as a settlement. With his demons in Afghanistan and with those who are in the Netherlands his story in doubt, dare to draw.

Public prosecutor’s office stopped investigation

Is the killing of the Afghan man being investigated? Yes, I do. But it led to nothing.

“It was at that moment that he or I’, wrote the Crown in February of this year in the Newspaper about the killing of his attacker. After investigation by the MIVD (military intelligence) in 2017 to the account of Crown yielded nothing, asked the Public Ministry for an investigation. As ‘no pointers’ were found, the investigation was in July stopped.

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