Countdown to Red Neuzendag in the Open Kitchen

864e4df3b04cfd1e849238e61761941c - Countdown to Red Neuzendag in the Open Kitchen

Sandra Bekkari counts from Monday to the large slotshow of Red Nose Day on Friday 30 november in the sports palace. All of her food get a special ‘Red Nose’-key. And Sandra cook not only. She invites three straffe madammen that their shoulders under the initiative: Nathalie Meskens, Birgit Van Mol and Evi Hanssen.

The week is on Monday 26 november, everyone started with Nathalie Meskens, and a praline of date and chocolate. Because Nathalie is mad about Thai cuisine, they also have a vegan and gluten-free main course: woknoedels with roasted cashew nuts. The most difficult for Nathalie, is to patiently wait until everything is ready to taste.

Tuesday, november 27, pampers Sandra Red Noses ambassador Birgit Van Mol with fiber-rich apple-mueslimuffins. That can perfectly serve as the basis for the ‘Funny Cupcake Challenge’. While the muffins are in the oven, make the ladies a vegetarian bloemkoolcouscous with halloumi.

Also Wednesday, november 28, Birgit Van Mol as a guest in the kitchen of Sandra. Coziness asset, because it is hapjesdag. Sandra and Birgit create artisan courgettecrackers with 2 dips – cheese and peppers – and a small, but sturdy maïssoepje.

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