Belgian prize for short film by Kevin Van Doorslaer

8c19f2ef1959cf87d7b25476c296d659 - Belgian prize for short film by Kevin Van Doorslaer

The Brussels short film Rendez-Vous Meh Dieu of Kevin Van Doorslaer last night the Prize for Best Short film won at the 4th International film Festival of Brussels! Last week was the film of the awards with the Best Foreign Short at the Studio City Film Festival in Los Angeles.

After the Short Film Corner during the Cannes film Festival in may and many of the selections at international film festivals (with o.a. Albuquerque, Nice, Beirut, Los Angeles and Miami), was Rendez-Vous Meh Dieu in competition will be presented on the opening night of the International film Festival of Brussels.

The film Rendez-Vous Meh Dieu is about a brother and a sister who live together in a last night to spend with their deceased father, under the impulse of God. The short film was directed by Kevin Van Doorslaer (aka Kevin Le Forain) and is played by Kevin Van Doorslaer, Chloé Van Doorslaer, Youri Garfinkiel, Duane Cooper, Kathleen Segers, Charley Pasteleurs and Josy Restiaen. The film is a production of Michto Productions, in cooperation with Wise Up Productions.

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