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Belgian cycloballers grab next world CHAMPIONSHIP medal

cd87ce26bbed22c9f44045b8a58a1f4e - Belgian cycloballers grab next world CHAMPIONSHIP medal

Belgium is Sunday in the Country Hall in Liege, just next to the stage cases at the world cup cyclobal. Brecht Damen and Niels Dirikx went in the small final against Switzerland with 2-5 down and have to settle with the fourth place.

In the group stage put the duo from Beringen France (5-4) to the side and afterwards it is equal to play against Czech republic (1-1). The rematch against the Czechs was subsequently won with 5-2, which the Belgians are in the semi-finals with Austria were measured. Patrick Schnetzer and Markus Bröll, proved a bit too large for the 29-year-old Limburger. Austria won with 2-8. In the small final were Damen and Dirikx not in on medals at their home race to conquer. Switzerland went after a 2-5 victory with the bronze to get.

The world title went to Austria. Schnetzer and Bröll knocked in the final the Germans Bernd Mlady and Gerhard Mlady with 8-6. It is already the fifth title for the Austrian duo.

In the kunstwielrijden ended brand new mama Tatika Bovendaerde (Wondelgem) on the twelfth place. The men Gery Covent (SNA Gent) eighteenth and Lorenzo Vandorpe (Blijf Jong Ieper) nineteenth. The world titles went to German kunstwielrijders.

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