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Erica Terpstra

“I have always been fascinated by the beautiful cycle of nature,” says Erica, who so love to gave in to the demand of its viewers, for the camera of the ANP. In Canada studied Erica salmon run. “Salmon from all over the world go back to their native soil and be absorbed by all the hungry bears. That pull is just before the winter of the bears. It grabs so into each other, that is so beautiful to see.”

Erica’s journey to Canada was ’truly an adventure’ for the presenter, who has previously in, among others, Japan, Egypt and Suriname onderdompelde in the cultural practices and rituals. The images of the salmon run on 14 december on tv. In the first episode of Erica on a trip, Friday to 21.30 hours to see at NPO 1, flying Erica to Brazil, where they are in the African roots of the country emerges.


“Every journey is a succession of highlights.” Still, it was Taiwan, the second destination of this season very special for Erica, who ’in a very distant past’ sinology studied. “In Taiwan we came across happen to pass a company where they have the old Chinese characters for gutters in iron and that used to be the old Chinese newspapers.”

Not only the enthusiastic owner made a deep impression. “He was still so full of passion and wanted to know absolutely nothing about the modern characters. The miraculous thing was: it was just as if there is a hatch opened and after all these years, all sorts of things back again. By the passion of that man, I also got a lot of passion for the Chinese.”

Erica is closely involved in the choices of the travel destinations. The fourth and last country that they are for the new series of Erica on a trip visiting Senegal. All destinations hitting Erica in a certain way. “Because if you are not gripped by the country where you are going, you can also not a very nice television.”

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