All forest fires California fires

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PARADISE – All of the devastating forest fires in the state of California, or extinguished, notify the fire department and the state government. In the so-called Camp Fire, which is november 8 began, at least 85 deaths. Still 200 people missing.

Be sure to 62,000 hectares of nature is lost. As far as known in and around Paradise, the place that was most heavily touched, 13.500 houses were destroyed by the fire in the forest. 52,000 people were forced to leave their homes and leave.

President Donald Trump visited last week the disaster area. He gave the forest management of the debt of the situation. On the question of whether climate change is a cause, he said that there are various factors.

California’s Fire Department Association rejected these accusations and claimed that the burn not only in forest areas started and spread. Experts call a long drought, dry vegetation and strong winds as causes of the fires.

Camp Fire is the deadliest and most destructive forest fire in the history of California. The affected area also proved to be more susceptible to mudslides and landslides.

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