Alex Agnew is struggling with midlife crisis

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Alex Agnew returns in may, returns to the sports palace, but the comedian is struggling currently with a midlife crisis. “I am a bit in a dark tunnel,” says Agnew candidly to The Importance of the province of Limburg.

Alex Agnew is hard hit by the midlife crisis. “Aging, mortality, the realisation that I ever will be replaced, keeps me apparently more busy than is good for me,” says Agnew in The Interest of the province of Limburg. However, the comedian still as popular. In may, he three times in the Sportpaleis and many of them are already two shows sold out and also the 61 try-outs of him all over Flanders to the smaller venues brings are all sold out. It’s still hard for Alex Agnew.

The Sportpaleis is however not an easy task. “It must seem as if I were all those jokes on the spot out of my hole allow to attract. Only if you shit through and through, like a jazz musician.” And also in the show will be Alex’s midlife crisis has to be addressed. The themes for the show will be business as usual: a man, a woman, “ich”,…, tells Alex Agnew. “With regard to the latter: I’m really in the middle of my midlife crisis.”

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