200,000 visitors for Girl

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Friday welcomed the arrival of director Lukas Dhont in Kinepolis Antwerpen the 200,000 th visitor of his film Girl. The lucky filmbezoeker got unexpected bouquet of flowers from the director, just back from Los Angeles n.a.v. the Oscarcampagne. Meanwhile, the film was worldwide, showered with prizes and is this moving debut after 5 weeks, still at the top in the ranking.

The movie is still everywhere to be seen in the whole of Belgium, both in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia excellent. Also in France is the turnout impressive. Almost 350,000 visitors went to see the movie since its release in France on 10 October, an absolute first for a Flemish film. In the Netherlands, is Girl also tasted and passed since november 1, more than 60,000 visitors in the cinema. Recently, it was also announced that a Girl on Saturday december 15, the opportunity to win three European Film Awards, en. this for Best Film, Best Actor and the Discovery Award for Best Feature debut.

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