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Waasland-Beveren goes home to smash against Mouscron

bdf5217d15e78f6a461da412cf81fdac - Waasland-Beveren goes home to smash against Mouscron

Adnan Custovic is a damp squib to his challenge at Waasland-Beveren have started. On their own field, he saw his men to a poor performance on the mat laying, Mouscron came at the Freethiel win with 1-2. Pierrot and Benson took care of the visiting goals, the aansluitingstreffer of Vellios came too late. By the victory jumps Mouscron over the Waaslanders to the 14th place in the standings.

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Painful debut for Adnan Custovic at Waasland-Beveren. The Bosnian coach, it was immediately for a vital match in the fight for conservation, at home against Moeskroen. The team where he previously played, and the city where he still lives. Custovic, had his debut some surprises in store. In a classic 4-3-3 formation got Caufriez preference Schryvers on the right rear. This appeared Valtteri Moren for the first time this season at the kick-off of a competitiematch. The Finnish defender has played only in the Croky Cup against Mandel United.

But Custovic could not get the desired shockeffect make his debut. The Bosnian was the match right before his dug-out, gave instructions and noted down something in his notebook. But he, too, was not for the first thuiszege this season. Waasland-Beveren tried of backward to play football, with varying degrees of success. So was dom losts of Abdullah, almost at the base of a goal, but goalkeeper Davy Roef responded of note is the shot of Pierrot. In the ensuing corner kick came Aft with a fright after he hit the ball out of his hands let slip.

Waasland-Beveren could do is threaten from a distance. Only in the twentieth minute left the home team a first shot between the posts note. Butez stood right on the shot of Forte. Barely two minutes later, responded the visiting goalkeeper again helpful, this time on the plaatsbal of Ampomah. Really played chances were the Waaslanders not write it down. The former attacker has a lot of work to be done.

On the stroke of peace came Mouscron on lead after a nicely played attack. Benson, throughout the evening, a scourge for the Beverse defence, put Olinga eye-to-eye with goalkeeper Cabin, but missed his shot completely. Pierrot was in the right place and tapped – edge offside? – easy within. And since the VAR almost the entire first half of the technical problems encountered, could ref Lardot not count on help from the videoref. At the beginning of the second half was the technical problem finally solved.

Who after peace better than expected, was disappointed. This played both teams a lot of to loose in the building. For Mouscron nodded Pierrot in addition to after a beautiful action of Benson. At Waasland-Beveren showed Forte the equalizer, yet are eye-to-eye with Butez. Ampomah nodded in the revival. Eventually doubled Benson’s lead after a counter from the book.

Custovic threw in the end of the match with Vellios, a second striker between the lines. And with success, the Greek attacker managed five minutes before time, the aansluitingstreffer. The Bosnian coach shouted to his troops forward, but to no avail.

Thanks to this victory jumps Mouscron over Waasland-Beveren in the general classification. If Lokeren win against Charleroi, take the East-Flemish tier of belgian football, even the red lantern.

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