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Ramos picks up dopingbeschuldigingen not

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Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos will legal steps, following the Football Leaks-revealing that he was caught on doping.

“I stay calm, even though it hurts to do such things to read. I will, of course, with my legal team to look at what steps we can take against such people who try to get my status and professional career to tarnish, ” said Ramos Saturday after a lost match against Eibar.

The dates of Football Leaks, a research project, where also The Standard involved, reveal that a doping test at Ramos after the Champions League final of 2017 a ‘different result’ had. There were no consequences, because Uefa accepted that it is a mistake. The lab technicians, as it turned out, had traces of the banned dexamethasone found in the steel.

“In my fifteen-year-old career I have never had a drug test denied. I’ve never had any rule violation, and 250 to 300 anti-doping tests, is never found, ” claims Ramos, who a month and a half ago, has been advised of the Football Leaks documents.

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