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Pro League calls for ‘balanced adjustment of the social system

d600d7a12817abe90827e5505de7c2aa - Pro League calls for ‘balanced adjustment of the social system

The Pro-League advocates for a balanced adjustment of the SOCIAL security system, which makes it possible to remain competitive compared to other European leagues. Minister of Social Affairs Maggie De Block (Open VLD) wants the SOCIAL security benefits for the football sector addressing.

“The Pro League will surely to take an active role in the equitable reform of the tax and social status of professional athletes’, it sounds in an official response from the association of 24 professional clubs, after minister The Block has made clear that they are the SOCIAL security system wants to address.

The Pro League is aware that the status quo of the tax and social system is not tenable. ‘The debate about it is inevitable. We advocate for a balanced adjustment, to meet the questions of the political world and public opinion. But the professional football must also be competitive and can remain compared to other European leagues. In addition to the youth programs, such as those since 2008 to develop, continue to develop.’


After a first consultation with the social partners, minister of Work, Kris Peeters (CD&V) and minister The Block on november 14, worked for the Pro League to say hard to a balanced and equitable adjustment of the tax and SOCIAL security systems.

“In that context, it was Friday (november 23, eds.) a first meeting of the Joint Committee for the Sport. Out of this meeting showed that the chosen approach can lead to adequate answers, which then can be implemented. In consultation with the social partners was an agenda laid down and approved. Crucial to thank each and every appropriation of the dossier to avoid.’

“The Pro League owes each of its interlocutors, in a spirit of consultation and cooperation, this working together, ended up chairman Marc Coucke and ceo Pierre François the press release.

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