Noor (26) suspected of abusing hundreds of boys

a3d209f7898912145d1bbfb334145d10 - Noor (26) suspected of abusing hundreds of boys

Oslo – A 26-year-old man from Norway is Friday, accused of themselves online posing as a teenage girl to get more than 300 guys to seduce explicit images to send. A number of the victims would also be offline for abused, reports

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The suspect called himself ’Sandra’ or ’Henriette’ and met via the internet, guys from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. According to the public prosecutors asked the defendant to explicit photos. As soon as the suspect so a picture had received, and threatened that he to reveal them on YouTube if there are not soon more material would follow.

A number of his victims has ’Henrik’, such as the suspect is called, also offline meet. They would be raped.

Authorities found more than 16,000 explicit movies of victims on the computer of the suspect.

Christian Lundin, one of the lawyers of the victims, claims this to be the biggest case of abuse that ever came to light in Norway: “Not to compare with previous cases.”

The case will be on January 22 to be treated. Eleven lawyers will be the victims represent.

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