Majority of Taiwanese reject same-sex marriage

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A majority of the Taiwanese people has Saturday ruled against the same-sex marriage. However, Taiwan was a year and a half ago, well on the way to becoming the first Asian country to be where people of the same sex could marry.

Nineteen million voters had Saturday to express in the two referendums, that the fault lines in the society. A referendum which stipulated that marriage is a union of a man and a woman had to be, received Saturday, more than six million votes, much more than a referendum that same-sex couples the right wanted to marry.

The Taiwanese Constitutional Court has already, in may 2017, for the marriage between two people of the same gender is pronounced, but the government talmde with the adjust of the law. Meanwhile, echoed the voice of the antihomobeweging, funded by conservatives and christians, ever louder.

In an attempt to have the ruling of the Court to thwart, gathered opponents, through a petition get enough support for a referendum on its feet that there be a separate law for same-sex marriages. That should not be included in the existing law on traditional marriage, they find. Only in this way can be according to the opponents of the ‘family values’ are protected.

In a comment launched the LGBT movements is a call for a referendum to the decision of the Court to ratify, which it was emphasized that the traditional marriage between a man and a woman is contrary to the constitution that the freedom of marriage and equality of the citizens at heart. Therefore, should the Taiwanese people in two similar referendums to express.

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