MacGyver and the Evil Queen at the Dutch Comic Con

d306179b6d54f739416382c742bad557 - MacGyver and the Evil Queen at the Dutch Comic Con

Richard Dean Anderson

This weekend are the actors that these roles play in the winter edition of the Dutch Comic Con in Utrecht Jaarbeurs.

Holes Matarazzo, one of the protagonists from the hit series Stranger Things, is this year one of the highlights in the exhibition. The 15-year-old tienerster both 24 as at 25 november. Rebecca Mader and Lana Parilla of the Netflix hit Once Upon a Time are the other popular artists.


For the elderly is the face of Richard Dean Anderson. He played for many years, the ultrahandige MacGyver in the eponymous series. Jerome Flynn is a fellow of Dutch actress Carice van Houten. Both actors play in Game of Thrones.

The Comic Con is an event for lovers of comics, stripverfilmingen, tv series, science fiction, fantasy, gaming and cosplay, role-play in which people dress as their (comic)heroes. During the Utrecht Comic Con, fans can with the star on the photo, a signature, get it, and some are questioning during the Q&A sessions on the main stage.

Comic Cons are becoming more popular in the Netherlands. For Saturday, there is no more to purchase.

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