Kluivert knocked AS Roma

1d096afdd1dd08a710932fd7121b65b2 - Kluivert knocked AS Roma

Davide Nicola from Udinese

With Justin Kluivert as basisspeler lost the club the away game at Udinese: 0-1. Rodrigo De Paul made the only goal.

Kluivert had in the 64th minute, making way for the sunken Cengiz Ünder. Rick Karsdorp remained the whole match on the bench at AS Roma. Bram Nuytinck and Hidde ter Avest has played the entire match for Udinese.

AS Roma suffered the fourth defeat in thirteen league games. The backlog is at number five with AC Milan is now two points. AC Milan play on Sunday-the stadsderby against Lazio.

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