Guitarist Willy Willy has cancer

9d668a231f6adfdbd1bb8febf135d76e - Guitarist Willy Willy has cancer

Willy Willy, one of the most famous guitarists of Flanders, has, according to The Newspaper during the past summer, been told that he has cancer. “I’m going to not like to be too deep in,” says Willy Willy. “I want to be will soon not go anywhere to show up as a mouthpiece for people with cancer. Not that I have known people that do judge, but in my case it is: let the music do the talking. People sometimes ask me why I now, just after the diagnosis, more than ever, wants to continue. But what should I do? In my bed? Listen, I have cancer, like so many people, and therefore I want as much as possible, enjoy. And my work is my passion, so a full calendar makes me happy. I will be there during that tour of The Scabs. And then I want to with The Voodoo Band to the festivals.”

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