EU summit on brexitakkoord goes final by

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Brussels/Madrid – The European summit on the Brexitakkoord, go tomorrow. Spain, the gathering will no longer boycott after an agreement has been reached on the issue of Gibraltar. That left the Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez from Cuba to know, where he is visiting.

The Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez.

“I have the king just to let you know that we have an agreement on Gibraltar,” said Sánchez in a televised address. “Spain will be available before the Brexit vote.”

Spain would be the undertaking have been given that Madrid always have a casting vote shall, in future agreements with Gibraltar. Both the British prime minister May, as EU president Tusk and the president of the European Commission Juncker would Sánchez that have guaranteed. A British government spokesman confirmed this.

Great victory for Sánchez

The Spanish prime minister says that tomorrow is specially laid down that ’The Rock’ did not fall under agreements that the European Union and London on the future relationship. It is a great victory for Sánchez, who earlier this week suddenly threatened to top over the Brexitakkoord to thwart.

“We defend national interests”, said Sánchez. In Gibraltar, the British overseas territory in the Southern tip of Spain, many Spaniards. Each day passing, they border on their way to work.

With the deal about the position of Gibraltar seems to be the last major bump for the EU summit. Tomorrow will 27 EU leaders and the British prime minister May their support to the terugtrekkingsakkoord, that the separation regulates and secures an orderly departure of Britain from the EU.

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