British director Nicolas Roeg (90) has died

cce23dd9e83e822f19db7f3fcbfd4623 - British director Nicolas Roeg (90) has died

His career began with the film Performance in 1970, in which pop star Mick Jagger has played a major role. The film was made in 1968, but remained because of the time-shocking scenes in the area of drugs, sex and sadism two years on the shelf. The Performance was ultimately a cultfavoriet in the history of the British cinema.

Also David Bowie was a role in a film by Roeg. In The Man Who Fell To Earth from 1976, plays the rock star’s an alien creature on earth has landed.

Roeg has continued to the classic The Witches directed. The 1990 film is based on the story of Roald Dahl in which the small boy Luke by witches turned into a mouse. Surviving Huston for her role in this film several awards.

Roeg was the son of Dutch immigrants.

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