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The Grand Palais dedicates expo ‘King of Pop’

Almost ten years after his death, Michael Jackson is central in an exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris dedicated to the ‘King of Pop’. The exhibition ‘On the wall’ was previously all to see in London.

In the expo is the influence of the singer verified on the contemporary art(enaars), from the 80s to now. ‘Off the wall’ refers to his album from 1979.

The exhibition features 120 works (paintings, sculptures, photographs and video-installations) of around forty artists, the impact of the 2009 death of singer to explore.


One of the first artists for Jackson ‘fell’, was pop-articoon Andy Warhol. Of him are quite a few pictures of the kinderster made it to world star kicked to admire. Warhol met Jackson for the first time in 1977.

Sometimes, the King of Pop directly together with plastic artists. Such was the case with the American painter Kehinde Wiley, who Jackson immortal made as a king on a horse, a scene that he based on the equestrian portrait of king Philip II that Rubens in 1628 a reality. That impressive painting receives the visitor.

The expo is divided into a number of facets of the singer on August 29, sixty would have become: the legendary dancer, the king of pop, the king of the pop art, its metamorphoses, the citizen of the world, and, finally, Jackson as an icon and idol.

’Off the wall’ is up to February 14, to see Paris, and will then move to the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn, move, and then to the Modern Art Museum in the Finnish Espoo.

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