Ex-fiancee of doctor opens fire in hospital in Chicago: four dead, including a police officer

In a shooting in a hospital in Chicago Monday afternoon (local time) multiple victims cases. Four people have died, among whom two female employees of the hospital, a police officer and the shooter.

Around 15.30 hours local time, got the police report that there were shots fired on the campus of Mercy Hospital in Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

‘The police searches the hospital. Certainly one of the potential shooter is hit, ” said politiewoordvoerder Anthony Guglielmi. Local media reported that patients were evacuated, some in wheelchairs. The police arrived en masse on the spot.

An agent was hit. “Our agent is in critical condition, but is receiving incredible help,” says Guglielmi. Later, it was announced that the agent had died. The man, Samuel Jimenez (28), was married and had four children.

Also, the shooter died, though it is not yet clear whether he by the police, was shot dead. In addition, two female employees of the hospital.

Ex-fiancee of doctor

The suspect is identified as 32-year-old man. The shooting began when he was on the parking lot at the hospital, his ex-fiance under fire took. Doctor Tamara O’neill had just arrived for her shift at the emergency room, to begin. She would be on October 27, the suspect married, but broke off the relationship in september, reports ABC7.

After the man is doctor O’neill with different bullets shot down, he walked into the hospital and he started around to shoot. The police followed him inside, and after a firefight of several minutes, broke out.

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