British government promises Brexit-predictions

LONDON – The British government is committed to economic predictions about the Brexit to publish. It comes to a comparison of three scenarios: a British exit from the EU with the current agreement in principle about the Brexit, the blow-off of the brexit, and a British withdrawal without a deal with the EU.

Theresa May

In the British house of commons had more than seventy members of parliament asked for that information, among those who are followers of the conservative prime minister Theresa May. They wanted an amendment to submit to demands that the government, with the comparison on the gpu would come. Then promised a minister that the information will be made available.

The proponents find such information is crucial in order to properly argue about the Brexit. The agreement in principle with the EU still needs to be approved and it is unclear whether a majority of the British parliament, the proposal will support. The government promises the comparison to publish the final vote on the agreement.

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