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Iljo Keisse put his ‘Kuipke’, again on stilts and presses on to the lead in the six days of Ghent

Jasper De Buyst and Tosh Van Der Sande started out as a leader on the fourth day in ‘t ‘Kuipke’. However, it was crowd pleaser Iljo Keisse that the Genste six days midway through the fourth night on stilts, michigan.

With the German world champions Roger Kluge and Theo Reinhardt and the Dutchmen Yoeri Havik and Wim Stroetinga adorned them Wednesday winstronde. The videos Iljo Keisse-Elia Viviani and Kenny De Ketele-Robbe Ghys to start chasing.

The hunt for points was at Keisse-Viviani and De Ketele-Ghys the red wire during the first three days of the race, but other teams were not quick to respond. Jasper De Buyst won after a spicy spurtduel with Iljo Keisse the first points race. The Captains or Cycling immediately, slightly firmer on the head.

In the second points race went to the battle without prejudice to further. Robbe Ghys and Tosh Van Der Sande bikkelden full of devotion for the victory, the War overtook it.

In the ploegenafvalling we got the first days fight at the sharp of the cut and that was on day four. Striking: the young Flemish lions Vergaerde-Hesters continued with Keisse-Viviani and De Ketele-Ghys. Viviani took the measure of the War.

After this contest names Keisse-Viviani, who, like The Ketele-Ghys a bonus round adorned, the position of The Ed-Van Der Sande. Five teams in the same round: on tension, no lack.

In the chronorit about the baanronde suggested Moreno De Pauw, supported by three busloads of supporters from the Waasland, with Lindsay De Vylder not disappoint. With a time of 8.50. came The Peacock in the vicinity of the track record, 8.433.

In the ploegkoers followed the action and reaction each other at an accelerated pace. The Germans Kluge-Reinhardt dropped a rain of attack attempts recorded. First Keisse-Viviani, and then The Ketele-Ghys, not without a fight, restoring the damage. With Hawk-Stroetinga and De Buyst-Van Der Sande was constantly in the front line remained never long silent. In a continuous slot adorned Keisse-Viviani and De Ketele-Ghys rondewinst with four laps on the counter. De Ketele took the sprint in, Keisse responded and wipte on and about War for profit. the Roof went there in ‘t ‘Kuipke’ an umpteenth time.

The stand for 23 hours

1. KEISSE-Viviani 230 points


on 1 laps


4. Kluge-Reinhardt 149

5. Hawk-Stroetinga 123

4 rounds


6 rounds


on 13 laps

8. Lamon-Scartezzini 49

on 16 laps


10. Morkov-Pieters 17

on 23 laps

11. Stöpler-Van Den Bossche 45

on 26 laps

12. Hester-THIJSSEN 26

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