Merkel ‘very excited’ about Brexit agreement

The German chancellor Angela Merkel is positive about the agreement about the Brexit that within the British government is approved. She points out, however, that now remains to be seen how all the relevant parliament about the document, judge.

Merkel said ‘very glad’ that the British and the EU after long and sometimes difficult negotiations, succeeded to a design. She spoke, although her “full trust” in the European negotiator, Michel Barnier, but now wants the opinions of the European states and the British parliament to wait and see.

‘This is not yet a rounded case, ” she said. “But I’m glad that we made this step. There is an agreement on the table. Both negotiating parties agree that this is a basis for an agreement on leaving the EU.’

Merkel warned for the dangers of the still jump off of the agreement. ‘I also think that a disorderly Brexit the worst possible scenario. That we must always keep in mind if we have this agreement’.

‘Big step’

Also the French prime minister Édouard Philippe shows himself ‘very pleased’ about the consent of the British government. He added, however, that the resignation of several members of the government worries him. “We still don’t know whether the agreement also accepted will be’.

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