Chilean ‘king of the bolero, Lucho Gatica, died

The Chilean singer / actor Lucho Gatica is on ninety-year-old age in Mexico died. That his family has communicated to the Chilean radio station Cooperativa. The romantic songs in the genre of bolero were his trademark.

Gatica grew in the fifties with international recordings and tours to a fixed value of the Latin music world. In 2007 he received a Latin Grammy Award as recognition for his particular performance in the Latin American music industry. In 2008, Gatica, that in several Mexican movies played, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Chilean government has announced for tomorrow a day of national mourning for the in 1928 in Rancagua born musician. “The king of the bolero has left us with his music on the world with pride and emotion filled. He was and is one of the greatest ambassadors of our country”, declared minister of the Interior Andrés Chadwick. The Chilean minister of Culture Consuelo Valdés tweette that the talent of Gatica “an indelible mark on the musical genre”.

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