Neil Young angry on Donald Trump: ‘climate change is the cause of the fires’

The deadly wildfires in California have also the property of Neil Young destroyed. The 73-year-old rocker wrote on his website a plea against president Trump. “California is vulnerable because of climate change, not by bad policies, such as our president would have us believe.’

Singer-songwriter Neil Young live in Malibu and saw his home completely in flames by the devastating fires in California. Donald Trump tweette on 10 november that the fires are the result of the bad policies of the local government.

There is Young does not agree. “California is vulnerable, but not because of bad forest management such as our president would have us believe. We are vulnerable to climate change, extreme weather and prolonged drought are a part of that, ” he writes on his website. ‘Imagine that we have a leader had which science denies, and that the easy road to choose. Imagine an unsuitable leader for. And now imagine a suitable leader for it.”

Young calls California a paradise, a gift for everyone that lives there. ‘And it is sad that we can’t protect against Mother Nature. We love California, it is not that we are poorly prepared. We need to compete with something bigger than we’ve ever seen. Firefighters have something never experienced before. I have in recent days repeatedly heard. I am to lose my home, again one. Hopefully we can come together and the climate change to a halt. We have all the resources for.’

According to the head of the fire department of Los Angeles, Daryl Osby, are the burning worse because of climate change.

Deadly fire

The provisional balance sheet of the forest fires in California is devastating. The death toll has already risen to 31, more than 50,000 people have their homes have to leave and at least 6.700 homes and buildings are destroyed by the flames. Quite a few celebrities, including Will Smith and Kim Kardashian, had to flee from their home because of the flames there came.

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