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Zulte Waregem is freed from the last place thanks to two late goals of The Peacock in degradatietopper against Lokeren

Beautiful it was not. But that counts all not in the situation where Essevee is engaged. Zulte Waregem picked up three much-needed points in the degradatiestrijd. The Peacock scored twice against his ex-club Lokeren in the final. Francky Dury and his group (even) got rid of the red lantern.

“Trond Sollied let his team always play football. It doesn’t matter whether they’re second or fifteenth.” That said Francky Dury Friday for the match against Lokeren. Unfortunately, we have rarely seen.

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Zulte Waregem


A decapitated Essevee began to zespuntenduel, because it missed the geschorsten Mamadou Sylla and Hamdi Harbaoui. Erdin Demir was also not available because his wife’s baby was born. Bürki was left. Dury chose, but for the contribution of Urho Nissilä. There are some moments when you as an experienced coach can also just not sure. We understand if you are thinking: who? The 22-year-old Fin was not a single minute, but had now suddenly the elimination Sylla absorb. This shifted The Peacock to the right. It was a choice that more than disappointing. Nissilä was nowhere. Too slender, too small, no duelkracht and technically too little. You can go to the Jupiler Pro League does not mean much. Sollied started for the third game in a row with the same eleven.

It was poverty trump in this degradatietopper. It took 28 (!) minutes before a first doelpoging should be noted. Yes, Nissilä that unorthodox left with a shot into the hands of The Wolf and deposited. Suddenly plunged Miric after improper boarding of Heylen only for Bossut, but the goalie of Essevee saved with a beenveeg. Nill De Pauw was able to steps with his left, he took aim just next to it. And for the rest, The fauw, inadvertently, The Knight, who verkwanselde the beckoning opportunity. For gray hair to get that first half.

No consistency

During the break, jonas Thomas, Buffalo, and Bryan Verboom. Nissilä to the side, you would think, but it did not. The Fin was still ten minutes to prove themselves. Then finally Buffalo the Scandinaviër out of his suffering to redeem. It was all there. Less than opportunities, with only combinations. This match had everything from a degradatieduel. The quality was lacking. The Knight went down in the sixteen after a tackle from De fauw. No penalty kick ruled ref Lardot. The fauw got to light the ball, and rightly so. There was also some lame attempt of Bedia – who stood on an island to play football – and The Knight was gagged by an alert defensive Heylen. There was little to no cohesion in both teams. The two teams were afraid to play football or was it not better? The sunken Soisalo missed the chance on the winning goal. The Wolf saved handsome.

No one had yet thought of, but after a dropping ball shot The Peacock remotely terrifying hard. The bank of Essevee had a delirium. In the extra time took Bongonda The Peacock and wipte the leather is wonderful about The Wolf.

Zulte Waregem have got rid of that last place. Lokeren can at the end of the day, if points for Mouscron against Racing Genk, again as a sixteenth the interlandbreak to go in.

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