’Woman’ that man turns to sex gets long prison sentence

LONDON – The gay man using a woman profile on Tinder four men in bed managed to get a years imprisonment. His victims were there, only to learn that he was a man, when she during sex their blindfold afdeden – or, in one case, during a second appointment.

This photo of Duarte Xavier was by the British police, shared.

The British judge called it a “campaign of deception” and handed Duarte Xavier, that he is a prison sentence of 15 years, reports The Independent. “By pretending to be an attractive and sexually adventurous young woman, you have sexual contact provoked”, as decided by the court. “You had horrific tactics and have no regrets expressed.”

Xavier called himself on Tinder ’Ana’. He asked his victims to meet in his apartment in London, but on one condition: his bedpartners had during the whole encounter blindfolded. “Be my obedient toy”, wrote the man under the pseudonym Ana.

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’Panic, depression’

Four men stepped inside. Two of them did during the sex their blindfold off, one of them observed only during a second appointment that Ana a man was found. Details about the fourth man are not entirely clear, but the incident was for all the victims drastically. One of them even developed a posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

“He was so convincing. It had a little fair lol should be between two adults who both wanted,” says last. “Now I have extreme stress, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. I found it always great to meet new people. That is the way. I wear a black secret, for always. Hopefully I can once again trust people.”

Finally justice

The police speak of a ’predator’ that ’bizarre demands’ and ’extreme manipulation used to his sexual urges to satisfy’. “I hope that all the victims, all of which have been traumatized, this ruling as justice experience,” said Lucy Marsh of the police.

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