Votes need to be counted in Florida after U.s. mid-term elections

In the American state of Florida has secretary of state Ken Detzner Saturday a recount of the votes for the election of the governor and a senator is ordered. The difference between the main candidates was so small that a recount is was needed.

The electoral laws in Florida require a machine recount if the difference between two candidates is less than 0.5 percentage points of the vote. That appears to be both to be the case at the battle for the governorship as the race to the Senate.

In the mid-term elections on Tuesday won the Republican Ron DeSantis, the election for the state governor with 34,000 votes more than the Democrat Andrew Gillum, either 0,41 percentage points. For the senate, won the Republican candidate Rick Scott to office with even less difference: he brought in approximately 12,500 more votes than Democrat Bill Nelson, or a difference of 0.15 percentage points.

The recount makes for fierce political battle in Florida. The Republicans speak of manipulation. Both candidates already had a narrow lead, and, according to observers, is that divide by the count of votes by correspondence the last few days still further. The results of the recount would at the latest by Thursday, should be transferred to the authorities in Florida.

Florida is on recounts and electoral controversy not to his advantage. That was in 2000, the votes of the American presidential elections herteld be because the gap between George W. Bush and Al Gore to narrowly. The saga, which the world knowledge is left with the ambiguous punch cards, was finally by the Supreme court in favor of George W. Bush settled. He took out 537 more votes than Gore.

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