Topless women angry at ’dictators’ in Paris

COMPIÈGNE – Three activists from the feminist protest movement Femen have Saturday under the Arc de Triomphe in Paris to protest against the presence of “war criminals”, as they are some of the government mention that the commemoration of the First world War this weekend to attend.

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With a garland of flowers in her hair, bare breasts and fist in the air, cried to the women: “Welcome war criminals!”, and on their torso stood to read: “Fake peacemakers, real dictators.”

Sunday there at the triumphal Arch in Paris, a ceremony took place where more than seventy heads of state and government will be present. “We have come here to protest against the arrival of staatsleiders that the peace treat with injustice. Most of them are dictators that the human rights situation in their country do not respect it,” said the 24-year-old Lara Lacroix.

“They come in peace to celebrate while they war preach”, they said, without however naming names. After a few minutes, the three women led away by the police.


Saturday, the German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Emmanuel Macron already the victims remembered of the war 100 years ago ended. That’s what happened in Compiègne, the place where in 1918, in a train compartment, the armistice was signed.

It was the first time since the creation of the Federal republic of Germany that a chancellor with the French president, this place comes together, ” she said Saturday night in Paris. That was a “symbolic gesture.” “In that sense, this day is not only a reminder, but also an incentive.”

Macron and Merkel revealed the two stone herdenkingsplaten in the near Compiègne, which emphasise the importance of the French-German reconciliation at the service of Europe and the peace.

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