Macron and Merkel unveil a new historical marker ceasefire

The French president Emmanuel Macron and German chancellor Angela Merkel have Saturday, a historical marker will be unveiled on the place in the Northern French Rethondes where a hundred years ago, the armistice was signed.

It is the first time since 1945 that the French president and the German government together to the memorial, an open place in the forest of Compiègne. There was on november 11, 1918, in a railway carriage, the German capitulation was sealed and put an end to the First world War.

During a sober ceremony without speeches revealed Macron and Merkel is the historical marker at the foot of La Dalle Sacrée, the monument with the inscription ‘Here, on 11 november 1918, succumbed the criminal pride of the German Empire, vanquished by the free peoples which it tried to submit.’

The new, smaller plate contains less martial language. “On the hundredth anniversary of the Armistice of 11 november 1918 confirm Emmanuel Macron, president of France, and Angela Merkel, the chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, again the value of the French-German reconciliation at the service of Europe and peace’, as in French and German.

The two leaders laid a wreath at the monument and also brought a brief visit to the replica of the railway carriage. The original trainset was in 1945 by the nazi’s destroyed. Five years earlier, Hitler had by way of revenge, the French are forced to be in the same car the capitulatieverdrag to sign.

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