Florida vote recount

MIAMI – The U.s. state of Florida going to the voting of the mid-term elections for the Senate and a new governor re-count. The result is at the latest Thursday 15.00 hours (local time) known.

Protesters are demanding a recount, and get their meaning.

The recount with the computer is necessary now that the stemverschillen below the required threshold of 0.5 percent. At the counts in Florida for a Senaatszetel saw Republican governor Rick Scott ahead of the incumbent Democratic senator Bill Nelson on Saturday to fall to approximately 12.500 votes, or about 0.15 percent.

In the race for the governorship was the lead of the Republican Ron DeSantis on his Democratic opponent Andrew Gillum declined to about 33.700 votes, or 0,41%.

The recount in Florida, evokes memories of the presidential recount in this state in the year 2000. Then it took weeks before the Us Supreme court, the recount stopped and the Republican George W. Bush victory over Democrat Al Gore.

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