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EUROMILLIONS BASKETBALL LEAGUE. Mountains remains in track, Ostend, Antwerp extracts in Aalst

On the eighth match day in the highest national basketbalafdeling has Mountains Saturday with 85-66 win of Leuven. The Henegouwers remain so in the track of the leader Oostende, Friday, all with 55-70 went on to win with Limburg United. The champion has one point on the Mountains.

With 18 points and 11 rebounds could Brandan Stith after the match the best statistics to present, but the Leuven Bear was in the losing camp. Quinton Upshur (15 pts), Sander Van Caeneghem (11), Allyn Fuller, Hess II, Chris Jones, Idris Lasisi and Uros Nikolic (all 10) moved Mountains over the finish line.

Antwerp had only four matches played and won only two, but took in his fifth race of the season is very, very hard. In the field of Aalstar won the Giants with 71-106. The rest was Antwerp already 27-53, and in the third quarter was the gap even deepened (43-80). It was also 43-83, and the East-Flemish still some of the backlog afknabbelden.

Dave Dudzinski (20 pts), Paris Lee (18) and Tyler Kalinoski (18) have provided the strongest contributions to the Antwerp victory. Despite the heavy defeat was the top scorer of the party with the home team: Zach Tomas came to 21 points.

Mechelen-Brussels ended on 87-97. Charleroi went Friday with 55-72 win in Liège.

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