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Cercle Brugge takes 6 to 6 after easy profits against a weak Waasland-Beveren

The memorial service for the match of the war was by far the best moment of the evening in Bruges. What Waasland Beveren showed did hurt the eyes and was 1A unworthy. Cercle Brugge will be the worst creature. Mercier and Bruno took their advantage from two stationary phases and with 19 points, one is allowed to enjoy the break and gradually start to think of a quiet Play-off 2, where the French project can further be developed.

Cercle-Waasland-Beveren started nicely. The green-and-black head ontrolden a large banner with the words: “We will remember them” in memory of the victims of the world Wars. The players of the Club went shoulder to shoulder for the spionkop. The match itself started less well. There was a good breakthrough of the still-too-heavy but industrious Hazard and a score in the sixteen which Gakpé a penalty is claimed.

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Cercle Brugge


Who Cercle follows know already that one should never assume that a trainer Laurent Guyot swears by the slogan “Never change a winning team”. Whatever the outcome, Guyot change weekly. After the victory against Mouscron turned right Vitinho back and then you think if sober Belgian: the Brazilian takes his place again, and captain Lambot moves back to its permanent place centrally in the back. Laurent Guyot solves that prefer otherwise. No Vitinho, Loss right, Koné away from the civil society and central in the back and Lusamba, but at position six in a four-man midfield and with Cardona and De Belder at the front. Yannick Ferrera was forced to change. He had a full week’s time to hatch a new plan. The small defeat against Anderlecht was heavily charged with the suspensions of Caufriez, Vukotic and Verstraete. Aft returned and also Salquist, Vanzo, Jubitana and Badibanga came to the bin.

The subscribers of the Club were allowed an extra guest to invite but for the goals they wouldn’t do it, because in fourteen matches had Cercle and the Waaslanders each sixteen times scored. At the Club can do that and even better on a stationary phase because the with Xavier Mercier is a superspecialist in the house The Frenchman has made it once again clear after eighteen minutes when he was a vrijschop perfectly over a non-responsive, and foolish-looking Aft sent. 1-0 and had more time, but Gakpé was flagged and the last pass of a re-broken through the Hazard could be better. And Waasland Beveren? Rather, poverty trump. Particularly defensive and the question is how this team is sporty and can save as the cloth will not extrasportief will fall after the alleged corruption-scandal.

After what is just about the worst 45 minutes of the past months in the Jupiler Pro League must have been, tried to Yannick Ferrera after the rest something with Lulic in the place of Jubitana, but why another midfielder and not a striker when you’re 1-0 behind. Ferrera is, however, not a fan of these Lulic that he balverliefd. On the hour had Gakpé to a penalty kick polled but the tousled leading D’hondt had no ears to. Ferrera was the time is ripe to there with Vellios however, a real attacker to throw.

Bruno takes doubt away

After a moment the show when he was what time wanted to win and at the moment the ball slipped and equally against the wet plain. A symbolic retreat for a little later explained to D’hondt the ball on the dot for a duwfout on The Belder. VAR-man Bellon called him back to the screen, but D’hondt followed his initial decision and substitute Gianni Bruno did what Cardona last week, could not: the penalty to convert. Waasland Beveren stood there and looked there to. In the boardroom the club is rudderless by the isolation of president george chapman and also sporty it looks very benard.

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