Youngest American Congressman can rent in Washington does not pay

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the New York Democrate that Tuesday as the youngest woman ever elected in the U.s. House of Representatives, has an eye-catching statement be listed in the New York Times: they can say no residence for rent in Washington, because the rents there are so high. A confession that her a lot of sympathy results in leftist circles, but also criticism of a Fox News presenter.

Ocasio-Cortez gets these days in the American press, a new nickname: ‘The millenial Congresswoman’. A consequence of the fact that the woman, with her 29 the youngest female member of the House of Representatives ever, in an interview with the New York Times let us know that they hire in Washington are not able to pay, and that they thus must wait for her first loonbriefje as a delegate in January for something to rent in the American capital.

‘I save all the entire campaign and there are lots of some money, and hope that I will in January pick, it sounds. That confession resulted in Ocasio-Cortez is a lot of sympathy on Twitter on, as described someone as ‘the most millenial thing imaginable, and it pleases me.”

Ocasio-Cortez sees in her problem and also the proof that the American electoral system ‘is not for working people to be a leader in take’. Also in this area, she received acclaim from progressive Twitterers: ‘This shows how great the distance is between the system and most elected officials, and normal people. A normal American could not be elected without already rich, ” she said.


There was however also criticism. As suggested Fox News host Ed Henry that Ocasio-Cortez was lying about her financial situation because she is in a photo shoot for a magazine expensive name brand clothing wore. Reacted to the new Congressman that she has the clothes on loan had been given for the photo shoot.

“I lived during 80 percent of the campaign out of a paper bag behind the bar was,” says Ocasio-Cortez, who during the election campaign, also worked as a barmaid to make her income as a social worker to fill. From financial documents to them as a candidate had to be submitted to the government showed that the woman last year about 23,000 euro earned.

40 to 50 Congressmen sleeping in their offices

Members of Congress earn approximately 153.000 euro, but even for those that pay opstrijkt is a private home in Washington, of course, because of congressmen, it is expected that they also have a house in the district in which they were selected. So well known to the Republican representative Kristi Noem in 2015 that she slept in a pull-out bed in her office in the Capitol. A practice that even the Republican heavyweight Paul Ryan, the current chairman of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, years to apply.

To estimate sleep there every year 40 to 50 politicians in the U.s. Congress.

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