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Sarina Wiegman

“There is the return one threat lurking, and that is laziness. We will Tuesday, so just as sharp need to play like today,” said Wiegman in The Galgenwaard. “But may we not more out of our hands let it slip.”

It took Orange time and effort to the Swiss defensive wall to break. “As the match progressed, it was krachtsverschil getting bigger. But we played they are still not completely broken,” concluded Wiegman. “In the second half were the spaces getting bigger because they could no longer walk. We had a free kick on the edge of coming, but that doesn’t matter. A goal is a goal. And this broke the match open.”

After the quick free-kick from Sherida Pointed began the struck Switzerland more and more space to give away. “That goal did something with Switzerland, but also with us. We went up the spaces better play and that led to two goals. Of course, 3-0 is a great position for this. But I’m going to the group that they are Tuesday as sharp as now. Laziness is out of the question. If we come back to this level, then it comes good. There, We will have something beautiful to win”, as referring Wiegman on qualification for the world cup.

The coach knows that the Swiss Tuesday their striker Ramona Bachmann back after a suspension. “That is their sterspeelster, offensively, can they maybe a little more. This is where we need to be careful.”

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