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Vandoorne after problems on Friday: “No ideal start of the race weekend,”

The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne was the best start of his race weekend in Brazil. Problems with his car made sure that his second training session early and it was finished.

“For us it was not an ideal Friday,” begins Vandoorne are looking back on the Friday in Brazil. “We had some problems during the first and second training session so our day prematurely came to an end. We do not have as much drive as you wish.”

“During the first training session, we have quite a few things tested and preparations made for next year. This is not the preparation you want to have when you are a racing weekend starts, but as it runs now once sometimes.”

Today, however, the last training session in which preparations can be taken for the qualification and the race. Vandoorne hopes therein of his car as well as possible to prepare.

“Hopefully Saturday is better and we can continue to build on a good race weekend. Everything is very close together so it is very important to each tenth out of your car to retrieve it. We will work on that during the qualification absolutely trying to do.”

“The weather conditions for Sunday are somewhat unpredictable and hopefully can give us that help. If the circumstances are difficult and the bandendegradatie high then I think this us a good opportunity offers,” said Vandoorne.

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