Van ’t schip: ’the Referee would have had to occur’

John van ’t schip

“I do not say much about the arbitration,” said the coach opposite Fox Sports. “But the players of Willem II could to their heart’s content tijdrekken. And there was the arbitrator (Richard Martens, eds.) yellow cards for. He has them, finally.”

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But that did not happen, just Damil Dankerlui received on behalf of the visitors in injury time only yellow for a foul. “And so I can the irritation of the public to understand,” said Van ‘t schip, who are the mugs of beer in large numbers of the stand in the direction of the field saw it fly.


“And that variety I of course not good, but I get it. If the players tijdrekken and the referee draws a card, then this does not happen. I have the fourth man there a number of times pointed out, but only glance at your watch does not work,” said Van ’t schip, who in the last four duels with PEC but one little tip picked up.

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“We are going to the bus doesn’t park,” said the coach about the lack of good results. “The way we against Willem II have played, is the way we want to play and that we are not going to adjust. We should better go run.”

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