US sanctioning Saudi Arabia at war in Yemen

In the war in Yemen, the United States is no longer the Saudi aircraft fuel. It is mainly a symbolic measure.

In Yemen rages one of the worst humanitarian crises of the moment. The support of the US ally Saudi Arabia in this devastating war, it is becoming difficult to defend.

Saudi Arabia seems to be, however, not impressed. It lets you know that the international coalition that, under his leadership, the Houthi-rebels opposed, is able to the aircraft during their flight to the philippines. The decision would also have happened “in consultation with the U.S.,” says Riyadh.

Only one in five aircraft currently has the help of the United States, knows the Dutch newspaper NRC. What is the effect of the decision will be to combat aircraft no longer in the air to refuel, is unclear. By in-flight refueling have fighter aircraft a greater range.

Other military support of the US, such as training, is also well just. The U.S. will also continue unabated arms supply to Saudi Arabia, the biggest buyer of American weapons in the world.

Khashoggi and the many deaths

The war in Yemen going on for years, but since the affair-Khashoggi (Saudi Arabia is responsible for the murder of a critical journalist), the pressure on Saudi Arabia increased to this conflict to an end.

There is also increasing criticism on the growing number of civilian casualties.

Both from Washington if London was already a call to the warring parties to the hostilities to stop. But both countries are also involved in the war, what their position is difficult to defend.


In 2014, chasing off the sji’ite Houthi-rebels-the incumbent president in Yemen, and they overran the capital Sana’a. A number of sunni countries, under the leadership of Saudi Arabia, began a series of bombardments, because they feared the extension of the sphere of influence of the sji’ite Iran.

The united states and Britain called in October this year, to a cease-fire in Yemen. The war lasts for more than four and a half years and claimed the lives of more than 10,000 people. There is a famine.

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