Trump blames forest fires on ’mismanagement’

PARADISE/MALIBU – President Donald Trump considers that failing forest management is the cause of the deadly forest fires in California, where at least nine people to life. On Twitter he went Saturday to the destruction of the town of Paradise and the endangered seaside town of Malibu.

Malibu, California.

“Billions of dollars are made every year, yet it cost many lives, all because of terrible mismanagement of the forests. There should now be a solution, or government payments to be stopped,” he writes. “There is no other cause for this massive, deadly and costly fires in California that the management of the forest so bad.”

In burning in Paradise, about 145 miles north of Sacramento, were nine people killed and thousands of people have fled. More than 6700 homes and businesses have been destroyed by the fire. In the fight against three brandweermensen injured, reported officials.

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There are still 35 people missing, please let the sheriff know. The fire, which on Thursday broke out at the edge of the Plumas National Park, drew so fast on Paradise that a lot of people in their cars had to leave and for their lives had to run through the main street of the mountain town. Among the abandoned vehicles was a school bus. At sunset Friday had only five percent of the forest fires extinguished.

Also in the southern Malibu in California have thousands of people their homes should leave. Some sought a safe refuge on the beaches. There is no news about the victims. “The fire is raging now uncontrolled and travels to the densely populated areas of Malibu”, let the city council know. “All residents must immediately leave.”

Among the affected are international stars like Barbra Streisand, Cher and Lady Gaga. The last singer fears that her house in flames. “All we can do is together and pray for each other,” she writes on Twitter. Lady Gaga thanked the fire brigade and other emergency services.

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