TOURIST information on the way to victory in the derby against Fortuna

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TOURIST information on the way to victory in the derby against Fortuna

November 10, 2018 18:25
10-11-18 18:25
Last update: 27 minutes ago
Update: 27 minutes ago

In the Premier league are Saturday, four races on the program. After FC Emmen-NAC Breda (2-0), De Graafschap-PSV (1-4) and Vitesse-FC Utrecht (2-0) in the evening, at 20.45 hours, ended with the derby between VVV-Venlo and Fortuna Sittard. Follow everything in this liveblog.

FC Emmen-NAC Breda 2-0
De Graafschap-PSV 1-4
Vitesse-FC Utrecht 2-1
VVV-Venlo-Fortuna Sittard 3-1VVV-Venlo-Fortuna Sittard · 4 minutes ago

75′, While the final stage is approaching, has OT the strings firmly in the hands. The team of Maurice Steijn is 3-1 against Fortuna Sittard and see that the visitors are struggling to make a decent attack on the mat leggen.De Graafschap-PSV · 23 minutes ago

PSV won each of his twelve Bundesliga duels from the start of this season. Only once had a team a long winstreeks from the start of a season: PSV in 1987 and 1988 (seventeen duels).De Graafschap-PSV · 25 minutes geledenDe remainder of PSV-supporters celebrate a party in the box of The Vijverberg.



AuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen21:34 – 10 november 2018De Graafschap-PSV · 28 minutes ago

Van Bommel not concerned with ‘unique’ record
Mark van Bommel attaches not much value to the fact that he is the first trainer ever that the first twelve games since his debut in profit sales. “His statistics. This is fun, but the point is that you win the match. But that it is unique, that no one else has ever done, that makes it special,” said the PSV coach, who is critical was on the game of his team. “In the first half we had the 2-1-lead to really defend, to the rest, because we were under pressure. Then we could make it a straighten and it went better in the second half.”VVV-Venlo-Fortuna Sittard · 31 minutes ago48′ GOAL VVV-Venlo! 3-1

VVV extends the lead out. Peniel Mlapa scored again on behalf of the Venlonaren. The attacker is after a deep ball quicker than his direct opponent, omspeelt keeper Alexei Koselev and tap the ball into the empty doel.De Graafschap-PSV · 34 minutes ago

The Young: ‘a Bad start, second half good”
“We started really bad today. In the rest we are still 2-1, but it went so well it’s not,” says a critical Luuk de Jong at FOX Sports. “In the second half was better and we have them kapotgespeeld. We have plenty of opportunity had we had more.” The leader of the Locals wanted the midweekse match against Tottenham Hotspur do not use as an excuse for the poor start. “I myself did not suffer from fatigue. We are fit enough and have this to cope. There was also not in the first half.”Vitesse-FC Utrecht · 44 minutes ago

Vitesse beats and passes through Utrecht
In the private GelreDome has Vitesse with 2-1 win from FC Utrecht. Bryan Linssen (after a nice step-by Roy Beerens) and Martin Ödegaard (beautiful free kick) scoring on behalf of the people from arnhem. Utrecht is no more than a aansluitingstreffer of Cyriel Dessers. It is only the second defeat for Dick Advocaat as coach of the Domstedelingen, Vitesse see it pass in the rankings. The team of Leonid Slutsky is now fifth, FC Utrecht zesde.De Graafschap-PSV · one hour ago

PSV keeps perfect score in state
After twelve games in the Eredivisie PSV has still the maximum score. The Locals have it in the first half tricky with The County, but after a rest away: 1-4. Luuk de Jong is with two hits important for the team of Mark van Bommel, who is now the best novice trainer ever in the history of the Eredvisie.De Graafschap-PSV · one hour ago,88′ GOAL PSV! 1-4

PSV will still have more than win in Doetinchem. The defense of The County is completely to sleep with a quickly taken free-kick. Hirving Lozano sends Steven Bergwijn the depth in which the ball easy side can move for Luuk de Jong. The leader of the Locals makes his second of the night and eleventh of the season.VVV-Venlo-Fortuna Sittard · one hour ago,43′ GOAL VVV-Venlo! 2-1

Just for a rest OT ‘ lead. Peniel Mlapa is on alert when a throw-in is doorgekopt and volleert the ball hard against the ropes.Vitesse-FC Utrecht · one hour ago

FC Utrecht goalkeeper David Jensen can only watch as the free-kick from the non-visible Martin Ödegaard invades. In the meantime, the Domstedelingen however, the aansluitingstreffer to catch and hunt them on the equalizer.Vitesse-FC Utrecht · one hour ago,78′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 2-1

Is it still exciting to be in Arnhem? Substitute player Cyriel Dessers do something back on behalf of FC Utrecht by a afstandspoging of Lukas Görtler to goal promoveren.De Graafschap-PSV · one hour ago,77′ GOAL PSV! 1-3

Donyell Times it seems the calls have finally in the advantage of PSV to settle. The substitute receives the ball from Luuk de Jong and enjoy Jurjus with a dry shot into the far corner. The twelfth victory in a row of PSV in the league seems imminent.VVV-Venlo-Fortuna Sittard · one hour ago,32′ GOAL VVV-Venlo! 1-1

The home team quickly in order to. Jay-Roy Cave rushes on the left past his man and gives good for. The attempt of Peniel Mlapa is still turned, but the rebound from Ralf Seuntjens is touch.VVV-Venlo-Fortuna Sittard · one hour ago30′ GOAL Fortuna Sittard! 0-1

Fortuna gets the lead in Venlo in the laps. Jerold Promes verkijkt are horrible on a long pass and misses the ball completely. Finn Stokkers make sure and slide the ball past Lars Unnerstall.De Graafschap-PSV · one hour ago

What is striking is that a lot of PSV players for their own success. The Young, Pereiro and Lozano have all chances to be killed while teammates better, stood up for. PSV may still have, because it is stronger than The County, but the advantage is still minimal.Vitesse-FC Utrecht · one hour ago,65′ GOAL Vitesse! 2-0

Martin Ödegaard doubles on beautiful way in the lead for Vitesse. The Norwegian put the ball from a free kick very accurately in the intersection. It is the first competitiegoal on behalf of Vitesse for Ödegaard.Vitesse-FC Utrecht · one hour ago,58′ GOAL Vitesse! 1-0

Bryan Linssen gets the ball at his feet after a subtle heel of Roy Beerens. The captain of Vitesse controls the ball very securely to the far corner, out of the reach of David Jensen. The people from arnhem lead in the GelreDome.De Graafschap-PSV · one hour geleden56′ Narsingh used his body well in a duel and lays the ball back to you. First mows El Jebli, however, along the ball, then the attempt of Klaasen high over the target gaat.De Graafschap-PSV · 2-hour geleden48′ Pereiro will get the chance to PSV in a seat to help, but the Uruguayan fails eye-to-eye with Jurjus by wild about and in addition to shoot. The County is still alive.Premier league · 2-hour geledenDe ball rolls again in Doetinchen and Arnhem for the second half at The County-PSV and Vitesse-FC Utrecht. Also VVV and Fortuna Sittard are in Venlo, the netherlands began their mutual duel.VVV-Venlo-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours ago

This puts Fortuna Sittard towards it.

Drafting Fortuna Sittard: Koselev; Dammers, Heerings, Ciranni, Pinto; Rodriguez, Cabins, Diemers; Semedo, Stokkers, Lamprou.VVV-Venlo-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours ago

In a few minutes is there in Venlo kick off for the final match of this Eredivisie-Saturday. VVV start in-house with the following basiself

Preparation VVV-Venlo: Unnerstall; Rutten, Röseler, Promes, Janssen; Seuntjens, Post (c) Susic; Opoku, Mlapa, Cave.Vitesse-FC Utrecht · 2 hours ago

Peace! Also in Arnhem, the teams with the tea. In the GelreDome, have Vitesse and FC Utrecht have not managed to score: 0-0.De Graafschap-PSV · 2 hours ago

Peace! De Graafschap and PSV search the dressing with a 1-2 position. Luuk de Jong and Steven Bergwijn ensure the Local goals, in between takes Youssef El Jebli the net on behalf of the ‘Superboeren’, those opportunities have on meer.De Graafschap-PSV · 2-hour geleden42′ in Doetinchem is a goal is disapproved. Denzel Dumfries think PSV on 1-3, but the VAR finds that the play is offside.FC Emmen-NAC Breda · 2 hours ago

First thuiszege Emmen in Eredivisie
FC Emmen will post the first thuiszege ever in the Premier league. The team of Dick Lukkien is in own home with 2-0 too strong for NAC Breda. Caner Cavlan and Jafar Arias give their team the first three points of the highest level to The Old Meerdijk.De Graafschap-PSV · 2 hours ago

Steven Bergwijn celebrates his goal, which he PSV on a 1-2 lead zet.De Graafschap-PSV · 2-hour geleden30 ” The County does not let itself be chests through the backlog and playing football more than good with PSV. A shot from Narsingh flies over the crossbar. The Superboeren are fighting for every meter.FC Emmen-NAC Breda · 2 hours ago89′ GOAL FC Emmen! 2-0

The points remain in Drenthe tonight. Jafar Arias shoot FC Emmen in the safe harbor by a low cross from Caner Cavlan. The team of Dick Lukkien goes away from NAC Breda, in a few minutes the hole is five punten.De Graafschap-PSV · 2 hours ago27′ GOAL PSV! 1-2

PSV is particularly effective in the first half-hour. Steven Bergwijn will get the ball for the feet after a corner, breaking his left leg and shoot the ball in the corner. Hidde Jurjus sees the ball late through the forest of legs that he ziet.De Graafschap-PSV · 2 hours ago21′ the GOAL of The County! 1-1

The County is earned at the same height. The Superboeren are the parent party in the opening stages and right through Youssef El Jebli, that a pass of Furdjel Narsingh on value estimates. Jeroen Zoet, you will get a hand at, but must yet fifth still in strong position this Premier league season slikken.De Graafschap-PSV · 2 hours ago18′ GOAL PSV! 0-1

It runs still not very good at PSV, but that’s not necessary. Nick Viergever swing the ball and Luuk de Jong touches the ball just well enough to the far corner. The spire of the Locals is now top scorer of the Premier league with ten goals.De Graafschap-PSV · 2 hours ago

The County became this season just as often the woodwork as in the entire previous Premier league season the Superboeren. The free kick Klaasen in the fourth minute at the crossing, landed, marked the eleventh time that the team of Henk de Jong this year was thwarted by the houtwerk.De Graafschap-PSV · 2-hour geleden8′ Two perilous moments for the purpose of The County. First slide Baker the ball just in the feet, Lozano, that the ball on the body of Jurjus shoot. A few seconds later, The Young head of the net a cross from Hendrix zetten.De Graafschap-PSV · 3 hours geleden4, ” here is The County is very close to an early opening goal! A splendid free-kick from Klaasen lands on the intersection above Sweet.Eredivisie · 3 hours geleden1′ Meanwhile, the matches De Graafschap-PSV and Vitesse-FC Utrecht.FC Emmen-NAC Breda · 3 hours ago,59′ GOAL FC Emmen! 1-0

The home team comes with the necessary luck on advantage. The defense of NAC can be a corner does not handle well, then Caner Cavlan the ball against his body aankrijgt. The ball hobbles past keeper Benjamin van Leer and ends up in the net. The VAR looks at the situation yet, but can not prevent unauthorized actions vinden.De Graafschap-PSV · 3 hours ago

The players of De Graafschap and PSV to enter the field of The Vijverberg. In a few minutes, is the kick-off.FC Emmen-NAC Breda · 3 hours ago

46′ In Drenthe FC Emmen and NAC Breda started the second half. Who grabs the points in the fight against relegation?Vitesse-FC Utrecht · 3 hours ago

FC Utrecht trainer Dick Advocaat and Vitesse coach Leonid Slutsky stand tonight facing each other in the GelreDome, but it is not the first time that they meet. Between 2008 and 2009, they found each other three times in the Russian league, when a Lawyer was in charge at FC Zenit and Slutsky, the scepter swung at Krylya Sovetov Samara. Lawyer will the most trust from wells, Zenit won two times and played a times equal.FC Emmen-NAC Breda · 3 hours ago

45+2′ The rest of The Old Meerdijk. FC Emmen and NAC Breda despite some decent chances not to score in the first helft.De Graafschap-PSV · 3 hours ago

Our goalkeeper Hidde Jurjus is playing tonight against his actual employer @PSV, where we give him this season of renting.
#GRApsv 🔵⚪


AuteurDe GraafschapMoment of plaatsen19:03 – 10 november 2018FC Emmen-NAC Breda · 3 hours ago

32′ despite the rain a fun duel between FC Emmen and NAC Breda. Both teams understand that they will be a little at a meager tip, so firmly on the attack played. The strikers have the visor, however, is still not sharp.Vitesse-FC Utrecht · 4 hours ago

Vitesse coach Leonid Slutsky looks to his relief, the Arnhem infirmary further leegstromen. Right-winger Roy Beerens and full Alexander Büttner are fit enough to start against FC Utrecht. This is the whole arrangement.

Preparation Vitesse: Eduardo; Karavaev, Thelander, Clarke-Salter, Büttner; Ödegaard, Bero, Foor; Beerens, Darfalou, Linssen.De Graafschap-PSV · 4 hours ago

The County has the thankless task to try to PSV of the twelfth Premier league victory in a row. These are the names that trainer Henk de Jong that is going to try.

Set Up The County: Jurjus; Owusu, Straalman, S. Nieuwpoort, L. Nieuwpoort, Tutuarima; Baker, El Jebli, Klaasen; Narsingh, Serrarens.FC Emmen-NAC Breda · 4 hours geleden12 ” The first really great chance for NAC. Rosheuvel more great play is a road on the right side and lays down on Nijholt. The shot of the midfielder is with difficulty turned by Scherpen.De Graafschap-PSV · 4 hours ago

The preparation of PSV, we can now dream. Coach Mark van Bommel also sends the Spark to the familiar eleven the field for the match against The County. The Locals go in search of their twelfth victory in a row in the Premier league since the start of the season.

Preparation PSV: Zoet; Dumfries, Schwaab, Viergever, Angelino; Rosario Pereiro, Hendrix; Lozano, The Young, Bergwijn.FC Emmen-NAC Breda · 4 hours geleden1′ The ball rolls at The Oude Meerdijk, FC Emmen-NAC Breda has begun!Back to top


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