The bad side of Lynn Wesenbeek

Lynn Wesenbeek was Saturday between 10 and 12 a guest in the program The Family Van Elsen, Ann Van Elsen on Joe. June, the daughter of Ann fell with the door in the house and asked Lauren what is the worst side of her mama. Lauren says that Lynn really bad is in on time. “Professionally, I come never to leave, except for one time Royalty. I was home a lot to let left and king Albert was already on the plane stepped. So you can not really after the king on the plane. The brass band was already playing and I was quickly at the other side of the plane. I did received a phone call from the editor-in-chief that that was not the intention,” says Lynn. “Our mom can the house really is not dirt behind. If we go to school had to leave, was our mom still had the plug in. Instead of just get in the car and take us to school,” adds Lauren.

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