Sunday in Hadiemicha 2.0

Sunday evening from 21 hours there is a broadcast of Hadiemicha 2.0 at Ment Tv. Micha Marah get over Michel Follet visit. Michel Follet is by many people known as a radio and television presenter. In addition, the man also has a number of passions, such as fairs and movies. As a lover of the Flemish song about Michel Follet in Ment at all in place. He allowed his favorite songs during the program choose.
And then there was Erna Droesbeke through the cards going to see what the future has in store for the central guest. On the basis of his birth date, the astrologer also are karakterkenmerken discuss.

It is undoubtedly an exciting broadcast! Who is the broadcast from Sunday, november 11, would miss it, act on Thursday at 14h and/or Saturday at 10am.

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