Sol: ’Panic? A Willem II striker is, however, longer dry

Fran Sol

With his goals shot and headed home the Spaniard is in the top-10 of most scoring players in the history of the Tilburg club, the numerator of Sol now stands at 35. “It is a great choice for two and a half years ago to William II to go”, says the striker opposite Fox Sports. “I have a great time and hope that I will be higher on the list of goalscorers come.”

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Sol, after fifteen minutes of a tight ball of Fernando, Lewis and headed home after more than one hour 1-3 inside from a corner kick from Daniel Crowley. “I had three matches are not scored, but was not restless,” laughed Sol. “I’ve longer been dry, but three matches is sure to be a midfielder at Willem II is not something to panic to hit.” The Spaniard celebrated his first goal exuberant with the whole reserves of the people of tilburg.


“I did that because I wanted to show that we all do, everyone is part of it, even the guys that are a little less play,” said the attacker. “This was an important victory, this we desperately need it,” decided Sol, with Willem II claimed their first victory recorded since the end of August.

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